Electric Mountain Bikes For Kids: The Ultimate Guide

Any adult would be able to recall their first experience on two wheels and the adventures they had. That is the effect that a bike has on kids and goes a long way to impact the lives of kids on many fronts. Not only does it breed confidence and create lasting memories but also enhance the improvement of fine motor skills among the young population. These, among many other reasons, make it a point of concern to prioritize choosing the right electric bike for your kids.

You should consider the following when you are looking for an Electric Mountain Bike for kids:

  • The power output of the motor system
  • The efficiency of the braking system.
  • Features that limit the speed of the bikes.
  • Availability of tracking devices for the e-bike.
  • Better front panel
  • Safety

There are no specific regulations set to guide the type of bikes you get for your children, but it is essential to pick ones that would be a good fit for the toddlers. This ultimate guide should help in pointing you in the right direction by focusing on the things you need to look out for when buying an electric bike for your kids.

Choosing the Right Electric Bike for Kids

When it comes to kids’ bikes, there is a lot to be considered.  The first thing to note is the age of your kid. Getting the right bike may seem simple, but in the real sense, it is a mind-boggling task. This article has some of the best recommendations that should make it easier for you.

The size of the bike and different age groups

It is important to note that different sizes of electric bikes overlap in age. The same can be said about the height of your toddlers and their handling capabilities. Be careful to avoid choosing a more significant size with the notion that your kid will “grow into” the bike. As the size of the bike increases, so are other features of that bike like weight. That means that larger bikes are more substantial and may pose a challenge to small kids, especially when maneuvering the terrain of their playgrounds or around the backyard.  

Still, on the same point, larger bikes are a bit raised, and hence the center of gravity is equally raised to make the bike a bit unstable. As a result, small kids may find it hard to balance and therefore fail to enjoy the experience of having an electric bike.

When it comes to choosing the right electric bike for kids, you should use the recommended age and heights for your kids to get the best experience and enjoy the moments on their new wheels. The best way to determine if the size of the bike is right for your child is by:

  1. Comfortable: Observing if they are comfortably standing over the bike with both feet on the ground if they can reach the handlebars with ease, and lastly if their feet reach the pedals. There are some age and height guides given in this article that should help you make the right choice.
  2. Size: Additionally, it is crucial to note the difference in factors that are used to measure the size of kids’ bikes as compared to adult bikes. The size of bikes meant for kids is regulated by the size of the wheel. In adult bikes, it is the frame that is used. The same would apply to the extent of the tires. Watch out for the height of the seat to ensure that your child is comfortable when riding along.

● 18 months and above

At this range of age, you are likely to be looking for balance bikes. These are bikes that are designed for kids to learn how to balance themselves as well as develop fine motor skills from the word go. These are bikes without pedals. They are designed to rely on the kids’ ability to push them forward by moving their feet on the ground and the help of the self-driven motor system.

Two to four years (12″ wheel size)

These are the first pedal electric bikes for kids, and they are great for kids between two and four years. Go for simple designs and less complicated features. You would not want to go for multiple gears or suspensions.

This is the point at which the kid starts to develop experience and confidence.  It is therefore recommended to choose electric bikes with trainer wheels and a rear coaster brake. At this age, kids have not developed enough strength in their hands to operate front lever handbrakes, but it offers an excellent learning opportunity.

● Two to five years old (14″ wheel size)

Electric bikes in this range are almost similar in features with the 12inch wheel bikes. The most notable difference would be slightly larger tires. Larger wheels offer excellent stability for the kids to boost their confidence as they ride. At this range, electric bikes are almost with no speed motors since the kid has not developed enough skills to handle such features.

● Four to six years old (16″ wheel size)

The 16-inch wheel size is the next progression of the kids’ electric bike after the 12inch and 14inch. The height for this range of bikes is between 100cm to 120cm.

A lighter frame is recommended for this group, especially one that is made of aluminum. Other additional features, though they are optional, are the trainer wheels and the coaster rear brakes.  The braking system is most likely to be the front lever-operated handbrakes. When buying an electric bike with the hand-operated brake, it is advisable to go for the levers that are short and easy to reach.

● Seven to nine years old (20″ wheel size)

BikeExchange is among the leading manufacturers of this range of bikes. At this stage, the kids become more adventurous and seek freedom through cycling. The 20inch electric bikes are suitable for kids between 115cm and 135cm in height.  

It is from this stage that the electric bikes start to become broader in design and purpose. Here you will begin finding the electric mountain bikes, trail and road bikes, BMX, among others. The bikes are additionally built with some features found on adult bikes like suspensions.

● Nine to eleven years old (24″ wheel size)

For kids between 130cm and 145cm in height, the 24inch electric bikes are the most suitable ones. These are almost the last stage of bikes before crossing over to adult electric bikes. Like their predecessors, this range of bikes come in distinctive categories as the bridge closer to adult bikes.

● Eleven years and above (26″ wheel size)

The range of electric bikes found with the 26inch size wheels is suitable for kids above eleven years or above 145cm in height. This bike is the most significant kids’ bike in some brands. They also serve as full-sized adult electric mountain bikes with larger tires for better and stable rollover.

Materials used to make the electric bikes for kids

Before choosing an electric bike for your kids, you should know the materials used to make the bikes. These materials vary according to the price of the bike and the manufacturer. Other factors that affect the substances used in making electric bikes are weight, design, and durability. All these aspects should be considered ahead of anything else to ensure that you get your children the most comfortable electric bikes.

The most common materials used to make kids electric bikes are steel and aluminum. Bikes made of steel are more affordable, durable, and can withstand demanding conditions. The only disadvantages of the steel bikes are that they are heavier compared to ones made of aluminum and at the same time steel is most likely to rust when used in some weather conditions

● Gears

Kids’ e-bikes begin with a single gear and increase as the kids grow and become more skilled and experienced.  The best electric bike for kids should not have multiple intricate gears or high-speed motors. 

For starters, mostly below five years of age, it is advisable to go for single-speed gear with an easy-pedaling ratio. This feature makes it easier for children to turn the pedals over as they learn to do with speed. As they grow, you can increase the ratio to increase speed. The self –propelling mechanism and battery power system should lower at the first stages to ensure that the kids can apply to pedal as they move. 

If your kids have not mastered the art of balancing, you can use the four-wheeled electric bikes to start training them. Alternatively, the two-wheeled e-bikes with trainer wheels are also useful.

● Tires

The types of tires for the kids’ e-bikes are useful in determining the right bikes for your kids. Apart from the size of the tire, you can also watch out for the material used to make the tires and form (e.g., solid or pneumatic). For balance e-bikes, honeycomb rubber and solid rubber are the best to consider while pneumatic tires are excellent as the size of the e-bike increases.

The type of tire to watch for in an electric bike for your kid will most depend on the terrain of the area you live in. On the same note, the tread patterns are also crucial. Choose the type that would provide the best experience when your kid is riding the bike.

● Weight of the bike

The size of the bike and the material used to make the e-bike are the most likely factors that will impact the weight of the bike. Be cautious of the weight of the e-bike you get your kids because weight affects the balance and stability of the bike profoundly. Heavier bikes are hard to handle and challenging to maneuver; hence should be avoided, especially if you are dealing with kids below four years.

● Brakes

When choosing an e-bike for your toddler, is it essential to understand the two types of brakes that you can go for. The first type is the coaster, which is activated by pedaling in the backward direction. The second type of brake is the lever-operated.

Coaster brakes are the best for small kids as this group lacks the arm strength that can be used to apply pressure on the hand lever-operated brakes.

● Height of the seat

Kids need to be comfortable while riding their bikes. The ability to reach the seat and the handlebars at the same time and with a lot of ease makes it easier to enjoy the ride and balance the e-bike well. Stand-over height is equally vital to check.

Pro tip: there should be at least an inch of clearance when the kid is standing over the bike (not seated). The allowance is useful in preventing injuries if the child accidentally falls off the seat of the bike when riding. To be safer, buy bikes with a sloping top tube frame design.

● Availability of training wheels

E-bikes are a bit faster compared to regular bikes, and they require stability and composure. These two may lack in kids, and they need an extra boost of support in case things go wrong. Training wheels can be very useful in developing kids’ ability to ride well, but they also have a negative side.

Children that use training wheels may fail to develop riding skills and hinder their progression. It is therefore essential to know when to integrate these sets to an e-bike and when to do away with them

Other things to consider

● Presence of a kickstand

Most bikes (electric or regular) have this addition on the side of the bike. This is meant to stop the child from dumping the bike to the ground after a ride. This is something that you may want to look out for, especially now that these e-bikes don’t come by cheaply.

● The grip

The grip of the bike will affect the handling when your kid is using the e-bike. Ensure that the handlebars are not too thick to make the grip more natural and better. Additionally, handlebars with large bulges offer the most exceptional grips, making your kids’ touchpoints awesome and comfortable.

● Other accessories

E-bikes can be very complicated. From the motor to the gears, they come with sophisticated accessories that may not be easy to find if you want to repair the bikes. It is essential to note the type of engines that your kids’ bikes have and figure out if you can get replacements quickly. The best way to get these accessories is by contacting your dealer.

● The warranty given on the product

The best quality e-bikes come with a better warranty and money-back guarantees. Be sure to check the warranty. If it is sketchy, then you have all the reasons to doubt if the e-bike is the right one for your kid.

● Your budget

The best quality comes at a cost. As much as you will be looking for more affordable options, you should also evaluate some price ranges to determine the authenticity of the e-bike you want to get for your kids.

The price of the e-bike will largely depend on the size of the bike, the engine type, among other features. It is advisable to go for leading brands to ensure that whatever you are buying meets all the standards of kids’ e-bikes.

Safety requirements

E-bikes can be devastating, especially when the well-being of your kids is concerned. The right e-bikes for kids are the ones that meet all the safety requirements and come with accessories that enhance the safety of kids, and at the same time, not limiting fun or comfort. Before you buy your kids electric bikes, ensure that the brand you are going for is reputable and complies with speed regulations. That is to say that the engine type should not enhance more speed than recommended for kids’ bikes.

Some four-wheeled electric bikes are great to enhance the safety of kids. You may also want to go for bikes with sloping frames, better brakes, and trainer wheels for balance, especially for younger children

Final words

Children will always love the fun side of having a brand new electric bike. It offers the best way to enjoy outdoor activities, and unlike regular bikes, they are more comfortable to ride and offer convenience. The self-propelling mechanism and the power battery stem make these bikes easy to ride while at the same time bringing comfort and safety. Some e-bikes come with remote control equipment to help parents in monitoring how the kids use their bikes.

Electric-bikes for kids are available in all shapes, designs, and colors. Such a wide variety makes it difficult to know the right one for your kids, and it is for that reason that you require a guide that can help make your work easier. If you are in a situation like that, then this guide should be handy for you.

This article has taken a peek into some essential factors that you should consider when looking for the right electric bike for your kids. In a nutshell, you should consider the following factors before opting for any e-bike for kids:

  • The power output of the motor system
  • The efficiency of the braking system.
  • Features that limit the speed of the bikes.
  • Availability of tracking devices for the e-bike.
  • Better front panel, among others.

Kids are mostly active and look for better ways to add fun to their life. What other better way can you contribute to that fun than by getting them the right e-bike? Well, just keep in mind some of the factors we have looked at to ensure you have the best quality e-bikes for your little ones. 

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