Can I Use An Electric Mountain Bike For Commuting?

“Cycle To Work” is one of the UK’s most astronomical commuting days, always held annually to encourage more citizens to take up the activity of commuting by bike as well as a trike. The idea is sold to everyone, whether they have not cycled in years, or have never cycled at all. The same is imposed on people who ride for leisure and aspire to delve into the world of cycling commuters.

Can I Use An Electric Mountain Bike For Commuting?

Yes, an Electric Mountain Bike is a perfect bike for commuting. The electric motor makes you reach higher speeds, travel further, and without sweating as much as on a normal bike. But an electric mountain bike is not an electric scooter, so you still have to paddle yourself.

Since 2012, millions of riders have been celebrating everyday cycling, and more than two million miles have been ridden in total, on that specific date. All you need to participate is the desire to ride a bike. While you can go solo, you may also decide to be the change in your workplace and organize an event for you as well as your colleagues. If you are still not convinced cycling or commuting to work is rather for you then read on: we have come up with top reasons you need to start commuting to work.

Introducing the E-Bike Commuting Factor

We are living in the future. In multiple aspects, technology has viably improved lives, whether it is in breakthrough medicine, or sporting ideas created to keep us fully active while living longer. One of these major changes in the electric bike. Perhaps you have already seen one of these prominent bikes zipping through the streets. The primary question is, is it worth the hype it is receiving, especially for cyclists?

Nick-named E-bike, or also known as a booster bike, this could be the next big thing and adoption of green transportation in this decade. Think of them in small petrol scooters instead of the regular bicycles. Usually, E-bikes utilize rechargeable batteries, which can easily travel up to 48 km/h, much faster than the ordinary citizen would cycle, getting to that destination quicker and in great shape. Just, in a nutshell, E-bikes provide low cost, emission-free transportation coupled with efficient energy that comes with great health benefits.

● Why is an E-bike a good thing? 

The E-bike movement is gigantic. It is also within the range of different bikes from the town commuter through the eight-inch downhill bikes. When it comes to mountain biking, the argument is probably going to go on forever regarding the full suspension versus hardtail bikes. Many people consider the latter as simple and low maintenance, while some think of them as the antique boneshakers that rattle the body bits. So can you use an electric bike for commuting?

Yes, you can comfortably use an MTB for your commute with the possibility of different modifications depending on the terrain that leads you to work. Care to replace the tires with a slightly narrower knobbly pair, then incorporate a set of different high-quality lights and a reflective tape to add some comfort, as well as, a safer commute. From there, you can enjoy the joy of a somewhat easier as well as an interesting route to your destination with less traffic compared to your usual daily commute. 

As the total number of cars found on the roads increases every year, more people are tentatively looking to different ways to commute, get into town, and even visit their friends and families. Public transport is becoming an obvious choice, but with the standard cost of rail fares rising by 2 percent and a staggering 50 percent increase in fares, this is one of the most cost-effective ways to change your travel habits-going the E-bike way!

Benefits of Commuting with an Electric Mountain Bike- Why Not Commute Using The Conventional Bike?

Cheaper Than Your Car

It is roughly estimated that on average, the people in the United Kingdom spend up to £160 per month to operate a car. This totals to about £1900 annually, which is a relatively significant amount. A bus can easily set you back thousands of dollars a year, which again, does not bode well if you want to save money and the carbon footprint. At the same time, the startup cost for an electric bike can be slightly similar to that of a car (around £2000 for that prospect bike). However, immediately you buy a bike, there will be minimal running costs. Some of these are such as charging, which costs up to 15p. This should last you a week.

Get Fitter

It is pedal-assisted, meaning that it is cheating, and you cannot get fit with an electric bike. These are just a few excuses you will get to hear when the term electric as well as bike is uttered in one sentence. Without a doubt, it is rather easier to cycle using an E-bike, but that does not imply that you cannot get your nerves and heart rate up on this particular bike. Besides, there are select unique levels of assistance, which means that if you aspire to put in the effort, you can turn the motor to the preferred eco-mode.

● E-bikes get you there faster

E-bikes have a way of getting you to your destination faster. Unless you are an avid cyclist with a Tour de France experience, then this kind of bike will be faster than the conventional cousins. This is a significant factor in the commute since the aim is to get to your destination in good time. An electric bike’s motor will help you as a rider to pedal to different speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. This depends on the class.

Now that you know how possible it is to commute in an electric mountain bike let us furnish you with the best options of electric bikes available on the market.

How Far Can You Commute With an Electric Bike?

The pros of commuting with an electric bike are multiple. But, just how far you will be able to commute with it is the primary question for most people. While the average commuting distance for these bikes may not probably be higher than the standard 9 miles commute for the conventional bike, the capability to travel further on an electric bike is an added advantage compared to the normal bike. When looking at a long commute with an electric bike, it can be slightly complicated to calculate the pros and cons. But it all boils down to time coupled with the bike’s ability. Technically, you can commute as far as your desires but with practical limits when it comes to riding to Work. When using an electric bike to make movements around the estate or to work, if you need pedal assistance the entire time, then the primary factor is the battery size and whether or not you are capable of recharging the e-bike battery when at Work.

As a perfect example, under ideal conditions and the ability to recharge an extensive battery of 1000 Wh, we estimate that you can commute about 90 km one way. This is our conservative estimate of the energy used at 22 watt-hrs per mile. It is equivalent to significant pedal assistance when riding.

The Best Electric Bikes for Commuting

As we have learned before, cycling to any destination is definitely healthy and cheap. But the hassle of gearing up and pounding the pedals and arriving at Work flushed and sweaty is not most people’s idea of a loveable commute. This is where the best kinds of electric bikes come in.  Powerful 300 Watt motors coupled with batteries, easily propel you to 15 mph while enabling you to cruise past the heavy traffic. Flatten those steep hills and get yourself to work feeling refreshed and prepared for the day in these best types of electric motorbikes:

1. Brompton Electric Bike For Commute

Brompton is a revered company that makes divisive bikes. The aesthetics of a firm’s miniature folding bikes is ideally defined as the Raspberry Pi meets Google Cardboard, which is appealing to some sense of nerdy utility and not emotion. Consistent with the 42-year old-British company, the brand’s solution is practical in several ways. For example, the battery easily fits inside a shoulder bag, which clicks onto the front of the electric bike.

2. Vanmoof Electric Bike  

Forget everything about horsepower. If you intend to invest in a ride that packs a punch, then the S2 is that animal for you. The iconic straight frame comes with an impressive, powerful upgrade.

The prestigious VanMoof Electrified S2 is an incredible ride to look at. You can ride it on the subtle Thunder Grey version or bolder White Foggy option, which is always readily available in most instances. VanMoof, the Dutch-based company, is the designer of this amazing device, which promotes a casual yet upright riding style. The bike’s battery is hidden in the frame, and it comes with integrated lights both at the front as well as back.

3. Specialized Turbo Vado

Founded in 1970, Specialized Turbo Vado comes in a versatile design coupled with a sizeable range. Since then, the firm has combined agility with different reliable specs to form an extra power electric bike. To test its functionalities, the designers of the bike put the sleek-looking hybrid bike to the test- it happens to be one of the best electric bikes to purchase in 2020.

Final Thoughts

 If you are tired of staying long hours in traffic when driving to work, then a good alternative would be getting an electric bike for an easier as well as a pleasant commute. The industry has several ride options that you can consider. A mountain bike is definitely among the best alternatives.

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