How much does an Electric Mountain bike weigh?

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When you start using an Electric Mountain Bike one of the first things you notice is how heavy they are compared with a normal mountain bike. The weight of the motor and batteries is adding a lot. Of course, the weight differs a lot from model to model. Knowing the weight is important in case you need to transport your bike, or if you have to take your bike upstairs.

How much does an Electric Mountain bike weigh?

The weight of an average electric mountain bikes is between 37 lbs and 84 lbs (16 kg to 38 kg). The difference is partly due to the weight of the frame, but mainly due to the used motor and battery. A smaller battery will be lighter but gives a shorter range.

How much does an Electric Mountain bike weigh? 1

In this blog post, I will list 10 lightweight electric mountain bikes and 6 heavyweight electric mountain bikes. Scroll on to find out the exact weight of different electric mountain bikes.

Lightweight electric mountain bikes:

  1. ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike/Bicycle for adults: The weight of this bike is about 53 lbs.
  2. Eahora Mountain Electric bike for Adults: The total weight of this product is 52 lbs.
  3. Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike/Bicycle for Adults: This is an ultra-lightweight electric mountain bike. It weighs only 17 kg or 37.4 lbs. 
  4. Tomasar Power Electric Bike: It weighs only 20 kg. 
  5. Bestauto Electric Mountain Bike for Men: The total shipping weight of this product is 54.6 lbs.
  6. NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike: This electric mountain bike weighs 53 lbs.
  7. Emdaot Electric Mountain Bike: The weight of this bike is about 20 kg.
  8. Aceshin Electric Mountain Bike: The weight of this electric mountain bike is only about 23.6 kg.
  9. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Electric Beach Snow Bicycle/Ebike Moped Mountain Bicycle: its total weight is only 23.3 kg or 51.15 lbs.
  10. HOTEBIKE Ebike Electric Bike for Adults Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bicycle: Its weight is only 21 kg or 46 lbs.

Heavyweight electric mountain bikes:

  1. SOHOO Adult City E-Bike Step-Thru Mountain Electric Bicycle: This item weighs 62 lbs.
  2. AOSTIRMOTOR Electric Mountain Bike for adults: The net weight of this bike is 72.7 lbs and the gross weight of this bike when shipping is 83.7 lbs.
  3. CLIENSY 26 Inch Electric Bike, Folding Ebike for Adults: The total shipping weight of this bike is about 58.4 lbs.
  4. NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike: It weighs 55 lbs.
  5. Mukkpet Rattan IPAS Electric Mountain Bike: It weighs 55 lbs.
  6. Overfly Folding Electric Bike: The total shipping weight of this bike is 71.6 lbs.

Expert Opinion about the weight of an electric mountain bike:

Rachael, a cycling enthusiast, says: “The lightweight electric mountain bike delivers when you are descending, I can slow it down when I want and how I want without drastically changing my breaking point, and without using my face as its brake. It bunnyhops with more ease, it is not like laying over a barge on tight slow corners, it is lithe and nimble whilst using its weight to give me stability which breeds a new kind of downhill confidence”.

Samuel Williams, a Production Manager says: “The frame of the electric mountain bike is manufactured out of aluminum alloy. This material is very light in weight and is second only to carbon fiber. Like in the manufacture of automobiles, many manufacturers use aluminum alloys to reduce the weight of the cars.

How much does an Electric Mountain bike weigh? 2

The heaviest of electric mountain bikes is its battery and its motor. For example,

  1. The 48 v 10.4 ah battery with 18650 battery cells weighs about 5 kg.
  2. The weight of a 500 w rear hub motor is about 4.5 kg.”

What is the difference between a lightweight electric mountain bike and a heavyweight electric mountain bike?

The lightweight electric mountain bikes offer:

  • Better acceleration
  • Better fuel economy
  • Easier maneuverability at low speeds
  • They are lithe and nimble.

While the heavyweight electric mountain bikes are:

  • Better in the wind and
  • Have a plusher feeling suspension ideal for long trips.

A guideline to size for an electric mountain bike:

There are 5 different sizes of electric mountain bikes:

  1. XS: thirteen inches to fourteen inches: is ideal for riders with a height between five feet to five feet and four inches.
  2. S: fourteen inches to sixteen inches: is suitable for riders with a height between five feet and four inches to five feet and seven inches.
  3. M: sixteen inches to eighteen inches: is best for riders with a height between five feet and seven inches to five feet and ten inches.
  4. L: eighteen inches to twenty inches: is good for riders with a height between five feet and ten inches to six feet and one inch.
  5. XL: twenty inches to twenty-two inches: is designed for those who are taller than six feet and one inch.

The sizes of cyclo-cross, hybrid and road electric bikes are usually three inches to four inches bigger for the same rider height. While full suspension electric bikes and hardtail electric bikes are sized the same as above.

How do I find a comfortable electric mountain bike for myself?

You will find a comfortable electric mountain bike for yourself by (i) measuring yourself and (ii) adjusting your electric mountain bike.

To seal the deal, the two main things to consider are your height and inseam. To find out what length seat tube you need, you must measure your inseam.

Place a book between your legs and measure the length between the floor and the book. Now you must measure the electric mountain bike’s seat tube, by finding its top, where its clamp meets its post. You must measure from there to the middle of the axle that is holding the crank arms together.

To buy the most comfortable electric mountain bike for yourself, get the one, two inches higher than the number you got when you measured your inseam. You must then put your leg over the electric mountain bike’s top tube and straddle it. You must lift the electric mountain bike as far as possible, and have a helper measure the distance between the tires and the floor.

Now you know exactly how tall your electric mountain bike should be to have a most comfortable ride ever.

You will now need to find exactly where the handlebars should fall into place for your torso length. Measure yourself and find out your ape index to be able to determine whether you have a short or long reach.

You must measure your arm span from your fingertip to fingertip and then minus your exact height. A positive ape index where your arm span is greater than your height means you must consider the next largest size to buy an electric mountain bike; while a negative ape index where your height is greater than your arm span, means you must go for the smaller of the two sizes of an electric mountain bike.

To find out the ideal top tube length for yourself, you must measure your arm length and torso length. Begin by measuring from your knuckles to your collarbone. Then measure from your pubic bone to the base of your neck.

Add them and divide by 2 and add 4 to the result.

For a very comfortable ride on your electric mountain bike, there are 2 necessary adjustments that you need to make to your electric mountain bike:i) you must adjust the brake levers and shifters so your arms are neutral when you place your fingers on them and ii) you must also adjust the length of your seat tube. For this, you will need a measuring tape and a wrench.

Why are electric mountain bikes so heavy?

Electric mountain bikes have a heavier frame as compared to the manual bicycle. Electric mountain bikes have a battery, a control system, a display screen, a motor, and all the wiring. These components add up to a heavier electric mountain bike. For a smooth ride at the highest speed, more weight is added to hold up the motor.

It is hard to control a lightweight electric mountain bike. The logic behind this statement comes from Newton’s second law. It takes more force to get a heavier electric mountain bike moving at a higher speed.

For instance, throwing something that weighs 5 pounds is much easier than throwing something that weighs twenty pounds. But the same law applies to alter the direction of an electric mountain bike.

How much does an Electric Mountain bike weigh? 3

Imagine somebody tosses a balled-up piece of paper towards you. You can simply bat it out of your way, but if somebody throws a 10 lbs weight towards you, it will be much difficult to alter its direction.

When you are going on your electric mountain bike, a small twist of its wheel has a big effect on a lightweight electric mountain bike, but a smaller effect on a heavier electric mountain bike. This additional control means that it is much safer for the electric mountain bikes to be a little heavier. If you have an easier time redirecting a lighter electric mountain bike and turning it has more of an effect than other forces and objects around, you can knock the electric mountain bike off the course or way.

Final remarks

To sum up, with an electric mountain bike that is lightweight but still has an electric motor, you can zoom along at twenty miles per hour, and a small rock on the road could knock you off the road or off your electric mountain bike. But when you own a heavier electric mountain bike you will not need to worry.