Are there Fat tire Electric Mountain bikes?

Fat tire mountain bikes are used for riding on terrains that you can’t imagine riding on with a mountain bike that has narrow or regular tires. The wider tread pattern combined with the heavier weight of fat tire mountain bikes makes them difficult to paddle, and that is where Fat tire electric mountain bikes come in.

Are there Fat tire Electric Mountain bikes?

Yes, Fat Electric Mountain Bikes do exist and they are a relatively new trend in the world of mountain biking. Fat tire E-MTB’s are perfect for harsh conditions like snow and mud, they have a high comfort level, and are beginner-friendly.

While some people welcome this trend, some people take E-MTBs with a grain of salt. There are plenty of manufacturers that sell high-quality fat tires for electric mountain bikes with plenty of options to choose from.

The utility and the ability to go anywhere that a Fat tire electric mountain bike offers cannot be denied. With the rate at which Fat E MTBs are gaining popularity, it seems like they are here to stay. But why exactly do Fat tire electric mountain bikes exist and what are your options if you are looking to buy a Fat E MTB? This is exactly what we will talk about in this article so keep reading.

Why do Fat tire electric mountain bikes exist?

 Not everyone needs an electric mountain bike with a beefy tire, but there are certain situations where having wide tread tires and a powerful electric motor helps a lot. Some situations where a fat tire electric mountain bike outshines an MTB with regular tires are as follows:

Riding in snow or muddy conditions:

Wide tires not only increase the grip of the bike, but they also increase the surface area of the tire, making them ideal for riding through mud, snow and even sand. But the extra width also means that you will have to paddle a lot harder to make the bike go forward, especially through loose terrain. So by adding an electric motor to the mix, a fat tire electric mountain bike gives you the versatility to paddle through any type of terrain while assisting you to keep paddling and maintain your momentum. Sandy beaches are a no go area for most mountain bikes but with a fat tire E MTB you cannot only take a ride on the beach but you can also do it effortlessly.

Riding in harsh weather conditions:

What if everything is frozen outside and you have to run to the store to grab something important? You can count on a fat tire E MTB to take you where you want to be without slipping and sliding on slippery frozen roads. Or if it is raining outside and the roads aren’t offering enough grip for the tires of a bike? A fat tire E MTB is going to make sure you are in control with lots of grip and electric motor assist. Basically, if you want an electric mountain bike that you can ride throughout the year in any weather and terrain, a fat tire electric mountain bike is going to be a perfect choice for you.


If someone is learning off-road riding, it can be challenging to learn how to balance the bike on rough terrains. Another thing new riders find difficult to overcome is fatigue, and there is nothing worse than having to push your bike uphill every time. But a fat tire electric mountain bike can solve both of these issues for a beginner rider and make the process of learning how to ride on trails a bit easier. The wider tires make the bike easier to balance and the electric motor makes sure that a beginner rider doesn’t find it too difficult to keep up with other riders on the trail. Even if you have never ridden a bike in your life, a fat tire electric mountain bike is going to make you fall in love with riding, thanks to their great balancing ability.

● High comfort level:

If you think that a full-suspension mountain bike is going to provide the most comfort possible then you have yet to ride a fat tire electric mountain bike. A wide tire acts like air suspension and makes you feel like you are floating over bumps. The rocks that would make your teeth rattle on a regular mountain bike are barely felt on a fat tire electric mountain bike. The added weight of the motor and battery helps keep the bike grounded, and the chances of accidentally lifting the front wheel are slim to none. But the most important reason for the high comfort level of a fat tire electric mountain bike is probably that the lack of suspension means you don’t bounce up and down while paddling, and therefore, paddling power is not lost due to suspension components. These factors make fat tire electric mountain bikes an ideal choice for riders with back problems or for people who are getting back to riding after a surgery. The key is to keep the tire pressure a bit low to get the most cushioning from the beefy tires and make your ride comfortable.

● You want a low maintenance E MTB:

Since a fat tire, electric MTB doesn’t have expensive suspension components that require regular replacement, the maintenance cost of a fat tire E MTB is pretty low. You might have to replace the battery once it starts to get weak but that is not going to happen too often unless you mishandle the battery. So if you want a mountain bike with fewer components that need regular maintenance, then a fat tire E MTB can make your dream come true. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect a fat E MTB to be reliable and ready to use for years to come.     

Top 3 Bestselling Fat tire electric mountain bikes

Now that you know what a fat tire electric mountain bike has to offer let us take a look at some of the top-rated and best selling Fat tire E MTBs in no specific order.

● ECOTRIC 500W Fat Tire Electric Bike:

If you are looking for a fat tire electric in a moderate budget then it is worth considering this bike. You can use it in throttle only mode and use pedal assist depending upon your preference. The 500W motor installed in this bike makes sure you have optimum throttle power and paddle assist whenever you need it. The tire size used in this bike is 26 x 4.0″ which provides decent grip and traction even on loose terrain. One of the best entry-level fat tire electric MTBs, this bike is great for everyday use and some light offroading. The top speed of this bike is 20mp/h and it can go over 19 miles after a full charge of the battery. It comes with a 7-speed gear shifting mechanism which is simple enough to be used for everyday riding.

● ANCHEER 350W Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike:

This is another entry-level budget-friendly option for someone who loves going to the trails on the weekend and also wants to use the bike for a daily commute. The 350W motor installed in this E MTB might feel slightly less powerful but the low power motor gives this bike a slightly better range of 25 miles on a fully charged battery. The battery installed in this E MTB can be easily removed, giving you the option to charge the battery wherever you want and you can even carry a spare battery just in case you need it. You can use this bike on the throttle only mode or use paddle assist, depending on your preference.

● ECOTRIC 1000W fat tire electric mountain bike:

If you have a slightly higher budget and want a fat tire electric mountain bike with proper performance capabilities then this E MTB is the perfect candidate for you. Sporting a heavy-duty 1000W electric motor, this bike packs a powerful punch and the bigger battery used in this bike allows it to be used for up to 25 miles on a single charge. The 26 X 4.0 sized tires make this mountain bike stable even while supporting the maximum load capacity of 260LB.


Fat tire electric mountain bikes are great for everyday commute and some light trail riding. Don’t expect to catch a lot of air as fat tire E MTBs are heavy machines and they are not suitable for jumps and landings. But if you want a reliable E MTB that you can handle everyday riding through any kind of terrain and weather, then a fat tire electric mountain bike is what you need. Bear in mind that fat tire E MTB’s are not very maneuverable and they can be difficult to handle when going downhill.

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