Are Folding Electric Mountain Bikes Any Good?

Despite the convenience of folding electric mountain bikes, they still lag behind when rating the most popular e-bikes. You can confirm that it is infrequent to see someone with a folding electric mountain bike. For some reason, people have declined to invest in these e-bikes. It is hard to explain why they have not picked up in the current market.

However, folding electric mountain bikes are slowly coming back with unique designs and styles. The little innovation that the designers and manufacturers are putting in them may be the difference. And hopefully, the market of foldable electric mountain bikes will continue to thrive.

Are Folding Electric Mountain Bikes Any Good?

Yes, folding Electric Mountain Bikes are really good, and they have improved a lot lately. But is it important you understand the pros and cons and see if it is a good fit for you. They are convenient and much easier to move and store, but they are usually a little bit more expensive, less sturdy and there are a limited amount of designs.

To understand the awesomeness of these bikes, it would be more helpful if you followed the different elements that make them a perfect cycling choice.  

Folding electric mountain bikes can fit in your trunk

The traditional designs of folding bicycles may be outdated in the current era. However, the convenience of this innovation cannot be out fashioned that easily. A folding electric mountain bike gives you the exact comfort you may be craving for. It folds in half to free up some space if you decide to fit it anywhere. People who have tried to carry their bikes while on transit can confirm the headache of having to fit the bike in limited space. Bikes are undeniably impressive until you decide to transport them. They can be a colossal pain. If you have been through such a situation, then you will probably appreciate the ability of a bike to fold when trying to fit in a car or any other place of storage.

Folding Electric Mountain Bicycles

Folding bikes are awesomely convenient. When you combine two of the best amazing features in the world of bicycles, you get a folding electric mountain bike. It is supposed to be the ultimate bike that exudes both speed and handiness. For hard-core e-bike lovers, here is why you need to get your hands on one of the folding electric mountain bikes in the market.


This is an area that we have looked at a bit. But whatever you have in mind is just a scratch on the surface. Transporting your folding e-bike on trains, cars, or any other public means of transport may be convenient. But have you ever tried carrying your bike upstairs? If yes, then you know the sort of hurdle it is. With a folding e-bike, you will quickly eliminate this challenge. Once you fold the bike in half, you solve half of the problem of carrying it up the squeezed staircases. But that’s not all, here are some challenges that you may as well bid bye if you buy a folding eMTB:

Moving the bike without riding:

Sometimes, you may want to move your bike from one place to the other without riding. The situation may be caused by the need to travel over a long distance by car, or perhaps the bike is damaged, and you cannot ride it. Trying to stuff the bike in a vehicle may be a tough call. A folding electric bike only takes half the horizontal space to make your packing more expedient and fast. If you are into biking and traveling at the same time, then this is the perfect fit for your passion.


Not everyone is always on their bikes, especially during winter when snow and ice are all over the ground. That means that you will need a place to store your bike during that period. A foldable electric bike is handy because it will not get in the way like other eMTBs. You can simply fold it and tuck in a corner and forget about storage space.

But any other foldable bike can fit this profile. So why should you choose a foldable electric mountain bike over the other e-bikes? Here is the answer. If you love speed and the fun that comes with electric-assisted bikes, then adding an extra feature like folding should be more fun. Once you unfold the bike and engage the motor, the riding experience is limitless.

Common misconceptions about folding electric mountain bikes

The reason why folding electric mountain bikes are not as popular as the regular ones are down to the fact that many people are misinformed. Here are some of the misconceptions that have continued to plague folding and electric bikes.

● Folding electric bikes are easily broken

Most people claim that folding eMTBs are not durable enough. But that is not true. The argument is always that the folding parts are prone to damage and hence add more costs to maintaining the bikes. The truth is every machine manufactured with joints and hinges experience a bit of drawback in those areas. But the manufacturers of these bikes also know that those regions are the weak links. The foldable e-bikes are therefore reinforced with different technological designs to prevent such problems from arising.

One of the measures taken to eliminate this problem is by designing folding bikes with reduced weight on the joints. When the pressure applied in those areas is reduced, the durability is significantly enhanced. In this sense, some folding bikes are more robust than ordinary eMTBs.

Another thing to consider is that you will likely get what you pay for. The same applies to anything you purchase. The quality and price are direct variables. Cheap folding electric mountain bikes may not be as durable as more costly ones. As much as you would like to go for the most affordable options in the market, it is always advisable to avoid some deals that look too good to be true.

● Foldable eMTBs are expensive

The motor part of the bike is likely to make its price go up. But that is normal and considerate. All other electric mountain bikes vary in price, and that is something you cannot avoid. A folding electric mountain bike is often a little bit more expensive, but you can find much more expensive non-foldable eMTBs as well. But again, you may have to compare different models to figure out the right one that fits your budget.

The best range of price for a folding electric mountain bike should be between $500 and $1500. Anything above that range would be as a result of added aesthetics. Any price that is lower than that range should raise some eyebrows. It is better to pay more for a bike and use it for many years to come.

● The motor can be affected by folding the bike

This possibility is something that the designers of the bike take into account. The battery pack and any delicate elements are often placed strategically away from the joints and hinges. It is, therefore, safe to fold the bike without worrying about the state of the other parts.

● Folding electric mountain bikes are slower

Another misconception is that folding bikes are given less power compared to other eMTBs. All the technical features of an eMTB are included in the folding bike. When it comes to speed, the type of motor and its power rating is the determining factor, not the design of the bike. The ingenuity of the manufacturers allows for better, if not similar, features on a folding eMTB as in other electric bikes. With an electric motor installed on the bike, you can easily beat any lag that may come your way.

With that said, It is essential to understand that any misrepresentation of facts about foldable electric mountain bikes may impact its acceptability. On the other hand, you do not need to rely on third-party information if you are not sure of what to do. Try doing your homework to see if what you want is suitable for you or not. In the end, it is your need that should be met.

The bottom line

If you have a regular electric mountain bike, then you know how hard it is to board anywhere with your bike. The bulkiness of the generic eMTB will force you to purchase a bike rack if you need to transport at the back of your truck. Worst enough, you will need to also lock them up in some parking zones if you cannot handle the pressure of moving around with one by your side.

When it comes to a folding electric mountain bike, you get a more comfortable time due to the handiness of the bike. It is as convenient as folding it up at the end of a ride and store somewhere in a corner waiting for the next trip.

When it comes to getting the most convenient and suitable folding bike for you, instead of going for the specs alone, remember to also look at the balance of the bike. The weight of the electric motor can impact the balance of the bike if it is mounted in the wrong place. And you also do not want an engine that is too close to the folding hinges and joints.

There are several explanations as to why you might opt for a folding electric mountain bike apart from the apparent portability and ability to save on space. If you are still undecided about the prospect, then you should find someone who has one and ask if you can try it out to feel the functionality of the bike for yourself. Alternatively, you can go to your nearest dealer and hear from the experts directly.

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