How To Store A Mountain Bike With Hydraulic Brakes

A hydraulic brake refers to a series of organized yet specific braking mechanism that uses brake fluid. Typically, the brakes are used in transferring pressure straight from the controlling mechanism into the braking mechanism. Founded by Fred Duesenberg, these brakes were initially used on his racing cars. After that, Knox Motors Company was formed to help in equipping tractors with various hydraulic brakes. That was in 1915. Over the years, the technology was used in the automotive sector. It then spearheaded the introduction of hydraulic drum brakes systems- the mechanism is still in use today.

How To Store A Mountain Bike With Hydraulic Brakes:

  • Outdoor Bike Storage
  • Bicycle Sheds
  • Compact Outdoor Metal Storage
  • Vertical Racks
  • Horizontal Racks
  • Bike Tents

How does a Hydraulic Brake works 

A hydraulic brake system operates when its pedal is pressed. After that, a pushrod imposes pressure on the piston of the cylinder. This causes the fluid found in the brake to flow into some pressure chamber via a compensating port. As a result, the entire pressure found in the hydraulic system will force the fluid to flow into the hydraulic lines. The flow will take one primary direction into the calipers. When it gets to that docket, it begins to act on the pistons of the caliper sealed using one O-ring. 

After that, the fluid will be prevented from leaking. The brake caliper postins will apply some force on the brake pads. This pushes them to the opposite direction of the spinning rotor. The friction found in between these pads then causes the generation of braking torque. This slows down the movement of the mountain bike. The heat generated by the friction will then be dissipated via vents as well as channels found in the rotor. While it’s essential to understand how the hydraulic brakes of your mountain bike function, it’s more valuable to comprehend its use in bike storage. 

How Can You Store A Mountain Bike with Hydraulic Brakes? 

There are different ways of mounting your mountain bicycle. For that reason, it’s essential to narrow your options, especially if you’d like to install your bicycle horizontally. Since some people are keen on the rules of mounting a bike, it’s also vital to consider learning more about the available alternatives. For instance, some would like to store their mountain bikes under spongy hydraulic brakes. With that said, it’s vital to note that by hanging your bike, you won’t be damaging it in any way. 

● Breaking It Down 

Also, the hydraulic brakes often become spongy since the air bubbles are trapped in the system. As such, putting your mountain bike vertically will facilitate air transfer into the system thereby making the brakes spongy. If the brakes are properly maintained, however, there won’t be any traces of the air bubble. 

The vertical storage using hydraulic brakes, therefore, will not facilitate the development of a spongy effect. This implies that the brakes require servicing. One of the best solutions in such a case is pumping in the brake lever for some time. To successfully achieve this, you need to perform bleeding on the brakes to destroy any form of air bubbles found in the system. 

● What Happens To Your Bike If Stored Vertically? 

Among the existing bike storage methods is the horizontal one. In this case, a rack is used in holding one wheel. The technique is perfect, especially for storing your mountain bike where its width is appended to several issues. It’s also the most effective strategy in an instance where you need to store multiple bikes together. 

● How To Choose The Right Storage Hooks For Your Mountain Bike 

Bike storage is one of the inevitable aspects to consider when you purchase your mountain bike. You should pick an area within your neighborhood to store the bike. However, storing it outside is not a viable solution in many cases. This is because when exposed to sunlight and other harsh weather conditions, your bike will be damaged. Its longevity will also be interfered with. On the other hand, inside storage into your humble abode is highly preferable. From the stated various above, you can also settle for a simple storage hook. 

● Factors To Consider 

Other than finding a reliable place to mount your bike, you’ll find it necessary to explore various storage options such as bike covers as this will protect your bike when there is the need for extended storage. Besides, long-term storage, as well as transport, can be acquired at this point. If you intend to travel by air or a boat but carry your bike as well, you should consider investing in a durable travel case. This is one of the best storage options across the world. With that said, if you own a bike, then you know the benefits of having a reliable storage unit. And, in as much as most professionals in this department would love to, it would be impossible to ride a bike every hour of the day. 

Bike Storage Options 

With dirty wheels coupled with handlebars, in addition to the seemingly unpreventable tendency of scuffing up across different walls, your mountain bike needs to have a high-quality storage unit. This is especially at work, as well as a small apartment. However, since it may attract a thief or may be prone to harsh weather conditions, you need to locate suitable storage units as well as sheds. 

Besides, the bike sector clearly understands the dilemma you’re facing. There are, therefore, several bike storage solutions provided for different circumstances. These solutions are also suitable for different brands and types of bikes. With that said, storing your mountain bike in a safe space comes with its challenges. But, in this guide, you’ll learn how to improvise storage solutions at home, at your workplace, and in an ample space. Although there are usage overlaps between products as well as methods, this manuscript breaks down various existing options into the following categories: 

● Outdoor Bike Storage 

For those who have some outdoor storage space, it’s essential to ensure that the area is secure. Several options can be used in securing the bike outside. They include high set-up security platforms used in securing your bike. Deciding which storage unit you should use for your bike shouldn’t be challenging. But, you must first assess your needs including security as well as aesthetics. Thereafter, you should decide how much you can spend on the storage space. Here are some of the leading storage options for your mountain bike using the hydraulic brakes: 

● Bicycle Sheds 

A shed is a perfect choice for your outdoor bike storage. This is mainly for those with families or individuals who have several bikes and are looking for high security. Because such sheds come in different sizes, they will suit you if you have a large storage area. Other than that, they tend to be slightly expensive.  

● Compact Outdoor Metal Storage 

The metal bike storage container is a durable box that provides you with accessibility coupled with high security. The box is coated with galvanized PVC coupled with steel panels. These elements will not only save you time but support you in clearing your worries regarding a fire. Also, the doors are loaded with spring to make it easy for you to lift it.

Additionally, the storage box has features such as two locking options on its sides. This is for enhancing security. Therefore, it can easily be used in storing up to 2 adult bikes, in addition to cycling equipment and gardening tools.  

● Vertical Racks 

A vertical bike rack is easy for you to use. Not only will it save space but it also engineered to serve its purpose in various ways. The storage unit is of high quality. Besides, the unique loading coupled with the pivoting design makes it easy and possible for you to store a bike in different locations that wouldn’t be possible if another product was used instead. If you want to tidy your garage or save space in your apartment, then this is the perfect solution for your storage needs. 

● Horizontal Racks 

Horizontal bike storage is perfect for storing mountain bikes that have a more extended width than the depth. This is also one of the most effective as well as efficient bike storage methods in the industry. You can use it in-store multiple bikes. As one of the best storage variations in the biking sector, these racks are readily available in various local stores.  

● Bike Tents 

In many modern homes, space can be a limiting factor when it comes to bike storage. Of course, by now, you may have transformed your garage into a garden shed perhaps. Maybe it’s even fully packed with a few items that are not in use. For that reason, you should consider going to a bike tent. A bike tent provides you with the opportunity to save on costs associated with bike storage. Besides, you’ll also be able to protect the bike from different elements associated with the weather. 

Choosing the best Storage for you

Bicycle parking is a supporting factor in various bicycle programs. Therefore, cyclists need to have a secure as well as convenient place that can be used in parking or storing their bikes after a trip. This is an important lesson that contains crucial information regarding the development of an adequate parking program for a bicycle. As such, you also need to consider various rack designs coupled with specifications as well as costs. The following significant sections contain the following lessons: 

1. Selecting The Right Storage Space 

Your choice of the perfect storage solution for your mountain bike is going to depend on the space available in your garage or home. Every space has its application. However, generally, some racks will allow you to store the bike vertically on the walls. Technically, this is often positioned in a particular corner. As such, it’ll end up occupying a small space.

 With that said, some wall mounts will allow you to store your bike on the same wall. At the same time, you need to be accountable for the clearance space that you’ll need to navigate around the bike. It’s important to note that there are mounts that have brackets. Such elements will be dispensed across the wall especially when they are out of use. 

2. A Look At The Size Of The Wheel 

When it comes to the storage of your mountain bike, it’s vital to consider the size of the wheels. Ensure that the type of rack you’re getting for the job will be able to accommodate your mountain bike. For that reason, if you want to store the bike in a stand, then you should confirm that your wheel fits into the rack. It should also be in a position to accommodate the width of the bike.  

3. Considering The Weight Of The Bike 

The weight of your bike has a great impact on your choice of storage space. If you store your mountain bike in the house, then you need to consider the quality of the wall. For instance, can it withstand the pressure the bike will exert on it? You also need to be careful with how you mount the bike on the wall so that it does not crash down. In the case where you’re a tenant, you should consider asking your landlord if it’s okay with them for you to hang your mountain bike on the wall. 

4. A Look At Your Security Needs

When it comes to your bike storage needs, it’s important to weigh your security needs. This is because some wall mounts have a lock used in enhancing security and safety. This is often in an area that’s vulnerable to theft. If you live in a neighborhood that’s prone to theft cases, then you need to consider investing in a secure bike storage system.  


The information provided above regarding bike storage has been published to assist you in selecting a functional storage system for your mountain bike. Throughout this article, you will grasp different lessons on how to invest in various storage systems for your mountain bike. From the recommended type of outdoor and indoor storage systems to the need for investing in the right materials that can support your storage needs, it’s essential to put into consideration some of the benefits that come with the factors above.

 Additional Tip: Perhaps you have different items lying around in your garage. In that case, to create perfect mountain bike storage, you need to declutter. Ensure that you have created sufficient space for the same purpose. 

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