How To Choose A Cheap Electric Mountain Bike

How can one choose a cheap electric mountain bike? This is often the question posted on search engines given the vast number of e-bikes in the market. Electronic mountain bikes (eMTB) come in a range of tastes and uses that meet almost all prices. But, the question is, how can you get the best electric mountain bike in terms of quality at an affordable price? It is, therefore, essential to consider the fact that the best eMTB may not come at the lowest price. In the same line, the cheapest one may not be suitable for individual needs.

Use the following points to find a cheap Electric Mountain Bike:

  • How are you going to use the Mountain Bike
  • Pick a reputable retailer
  • Check you local supplier
  • Go for quality and service
  • Search for a better warranty
  • Trust your instincts on the bike of your choice
  • Compare prices online
  • Consider buying in other markets
  • Watch out for offers
  • You get what you pay for

It is good to understand the factors that make an e-bike a good fit for you. The frequency of use is another factor that determines the type of bike to purchase. For extensive use, it is advisable to go for the most robust bikes that might not be very cheap. The distance you intend to cover daily and the difficulty of the terrain will equally influence the type of electric mountain bike to buy, which consequently determines the price.

All that said, the geometry of the bikes, engine type, and the battery pack should all be considered ahead of the price. Before weighing up the budget, you should have a checklist of all the qualities and accessories you need in your e-bike then choose the cheapest option available.

What is an electric mountain bike (eMTB)

It is crucial to know what an e-bike is and the features to watch out for before considering the price of the bike. In simple terms, an electric mountain bike is one that is assisted electrically. But, it might have all the features of the regular mountain bike. The only difference is that it comes with a motor system coupled with a power pack that allows for more speed (generated electrically). That means that it requires minimum paddling compared to Regular Mountain biking bicycles.

Choosing the cheapest electric mountain bike

The electric bike market is undoubtedly growing so fast. Different technologies and new components are continually brought into play with the rise in demand. The electrical drive system is quickly advancing as various manufacturers tend to outplay one another in the industry.

This article aims to give you meaningful information on choosing the cheapest electric mountain bike for mountain and trail cycling. But first, you need to understand that there are numerous factors that you should consider when selecting a bike other than the price. After all, they say that you get what you pay for. Below are some criteria for choosing the right electric mountain bike at a low price.

In the past, people used to shell out a considerable amount to grab a piece of eMTB for various uses. As much as some of these expensive models still exist in the market, you can fork out less for an e-bike that serves the same purpose. There are very many affordable options in the market compared to some years back.

If you are the kind of person that values fun more than the performance, then there are chances you may not notice where the extra penny is saved. For instance, some bikes use a hub-drive, while others use a mid-drive motor type with less integration in their designs. Some have low-quality parts and go for, say 20mph. Other electric mountain bikes have powerful motors and reach up to 28mph. so whatever you go for, here are some ways of determining the cheapest electric mountain bikes:

Factors to consider choosing your electric mountainbike

1. The purpose of the bike

Every bike is designed for a specific use and a different group of people. You should consider your needs before purchasing a bike. If you want comfort, then go for the step-through frame. A central motor system or one with higher torque is best for uphill climbing. For long distances, you need to get one with a highly rated battery, say 400wh. Understanding your needs will help you know the features you need in an electric mountain bike and aid in comparing all the bikes with those features.

2. Pick a reputable retailer

Purchasing the cheapest mountain bike requires a reputable retailer. You need one that has both the vibe, assurance, and quality. The vibe refers to the knowledge that the retailer has about e-bikes. How well can the staff respond to your needs whenever you need assistance? The assurance and commitment of the seller are reflected in their offer. Do they accept cashback? Do they give a warranty on the product? How many bikes do they have in stock? All these will help you weigh the possibility of having the best offer in the store. Last but not least, the quality of the e-bikes that the retailer is stocking. They should be able to offer the best brand names that are easy to get more information about online.

In this sense, the cheapest electric mountain bike should be one that is easy to maintain. In case of difficulties, your retailer should be in a position to help you figure out the solution in a bid to make the most of the bike. The retailer you choose to buy from should be one that is in the business for the right reasons and not just to make quick money.

3. Check you local supplier

To save yourself the cost of shipping and other levies involved in importing your bike, you should check your local store. Not only does it offer the best way of saving an extra penny, but it also gives more convenient access to after-sale services. There are chances that your bike may develop problems and require the help of an expert. Buying closer to home allows you to seek the advice of the retailer.

4. Go for quality and service

This might be a bit odd because the best varieties are often expensive. But bikes are not toys. You will need them for long-distance transportation at times. Therefore, quality is crucial regardless of the price. It is easier to maintain a high-quality bike than a cheaper one with low-quality components. My advice is to buy a quality bike and save money that would somehow be spent on servicing the e-bike time and again, or replacing the parts. Research about the battery and the motor system of the electric mountain bikes before buying. If the goal is to go cheaper, you need products that would last longer without repairs or replacements. 

5. Search for a better warranty

An electric mountain bike is an investment like any other asset. With the right guarantee on the bike, you will be assured that buying it is worth the investment. Considering that you want to get the best e-bikes at the most affordable price, the only way you will know that the quality is not compromised is by the warranty offered on the product.

6. Trust your instincts on the bike of your choice

There are many contradictory statements online, and the best way to get precise information is by trusting your intuition. If the price is too low to be accurate, then there are chances that it might not be the one for you. If the brand is something you have never heard about and does not have any information online, then the best way is to stay clear of it. In the long run, you know your budget and know what you want. Go for it.

7. Compare prices online

If you have already earmarked the type of electric mountain bike you want, then the best way of getting the best deal is by checking with different retailers. If you’re going to buy locally, you should walk into several stores to compare the prices. Additionally, you should go online and see what other retailers are charging for the same model.

8. Consider buying in other markets

One of the best ways to buy anything at a lower price is by checking the offer in different markets. This can be in a different state, or in a different country. In a different country, you can also use the variations in exchange rates and the continually changing financial markets, sometimes items are cheaper in other currencies. Watch out for such situations and take advantage.

9. Watch out for offers

Some stores offer discounted prices on their items, especially in festive seasons, to drive sales. You can get one of the most elegant electric mountain bikes at a lower price in such stores. It is, however, hard to get such offers. The best way is subscribing to discount notifications through email. That way, you will get notified whenever there is a discount on your favorite electric mountain bike.

10. You get what you pay for

There is an adage that ‘cheap is expensive’. The phrase applies to electric mountain bikes as it does to anything in life. It might not be reasonable to get the best eMTB in the market. But it is safer to pay more for a quality item that will last longer than to get a very cheap one that will require constant repairs due to breakdowns. The good news is that the best quality in the market often pays for itself. Finally, the best part is seeing it serve you for eons at a stretch!

The five best and most affordable electric mountain bikes

The following list will help you go through the best electric mountain bikes that come at an affordable price. The price ranges are also included to give you different options that might suit your budget. Choosing a cheap mountain bike can be a complicated task. The variety of eMTB alongside the array of technology used to improve their performance can be overwhelming at times.

How cheap a mountain bike is, is dependent on your budget. The amount you are willing to splash on a bike can radically affect the type on offer for you. This here is a list of some electric mountain bikes with their specs and prices to choose from. 

1. Turbo Levo Comp FSR

According to many reviews on Amazon, this is the best all-round electric mountain bike in the market. The specialized option of this bike comes at 4500 euros, which a very exciting price tag considering its built quality and superb handling. It is best in tackling rugged terrain.

With a smart 250W motor, this bike can virtually go anywhere. Additionally, the machine comes with an application that allows you to get instant assistance whenever the need arises. The battery pack is equally packed to last longer and can be controlled through the app as long as the trip route is set on the app.

For the lovers of speed, precision, and ergonomic quirks, this is the best electric mountain bike for you. Its lack of digital display might be a slight let down, but the overall specs and performance alongside an added firepower make it a genuine mountain machine.

2. Mondraker Crusher XR +

Among the other listed electric mountain bikes on this list, this is the most hardcore of them all. With a carbon fiber frame, a Fox 36 29 Float FIT GRIP2 fork, and Shimano 504W integrated battery, this set offers a smooth ride at 4000 euros on Amazon.

It has the best components for high mountain cycling. The Shimano motor set up comes with smooth assistance due to its weight that lowers the center of gravity for stability. The little digital display offers a good check on speed and monitoring the battery life.

3. Trek Powerfly FS 7

The Trek Powerfly is a beautifully designed electric mountain bike with sleek controls and a reliable battery range. Its weak suspensions and cheaper components might be its undoing, but do not be fooled. The design of this machine is suitable for downhill cycling, while its battery is one of the best of all on this list.

The only problem with the Trek Powerfly is the lack of suspensions, which makes it a bit off when tackling downhill cycling. However, it remains among the best electric mountain bikes on the list.

4. Cannondale Trail Neo

This electric mountain bike comes at an affordable price of between 2,300 euros and 3,025 euros on Amazon, depending on your supplier. It is a good pick for the lovers of trail riding, especially the ones that prefer a less rugged terrain. The electric motor and battery are one of the most excellent specs of this bike, making it stand out among the other bikes in the same category.

The 29-inch wheels and solid tires give it a larger surface in contact with the ground for enhanced speed and grip. Another notable feature of this bike is the provision of front suspensions with 100mm of travel that allows for nice jumps. However, it is mostly modeled to handle ironed and smooth uphill and the downhill cycling for extra fun.

Lack of rear suspensions might be a letdown, but the overall performance is excellent, considering the price tag.

5. Haibike xDuro NDURO 3.0

The Haibike xDuro is the perfect fit for the lovers of speed and racing in general. This fast, highly versatile, and stylish ride comes with aluminum frames and RockShox Yari RC fork. The 500W battery is sufficiently attached to provide a power boost for speed.

The current Nduro 2.0 is an upgrade to the previous Nduro 3.0 model, which seems to have been discontinued. As the name goes, this is a sturdy bike for hard and fast riding powered by Enduro.

The model is further designed to shift weight backward when doing downhill racing for more stability. This feature makes it one of the most sought after electric mountain racing bikes.

The gearing and brakes may not be the best in the market but still works out well with the model while the powerful Bosch CX motor and battery pack cover up for the two. The design is preferred by most riders as well as the most experienced Enduro fanatics.

Final thought

There are lots of reasons why mountain cycling is a great way to go around. Apart from the fun side, it is also a great way to maintain better health. However, most people tend to get overwhelmed by the vast range of electric mountain bikes in the market. Choosing the right one that goes well with the purpose you wish to serve and the budget you want to run on sometimes tend to be an uphill task. That is why most people try to figure out the best way of choosing a cheap electric mountain bike.

Getting a quality electric mountain bike should be a priority for everyone that loves biking and considers it part of their life. The price tag might be a hindrance, but be assured that the best products in the market come at a price. That’s without denying that some cheap options are equally great. Considering that cheap is a general term, this article has rounded up a range of bikes and some tips on how you can choose a cheap electric mountain bike. Hopefully, you will get one that matches your expectations and does not leave a massive dent in your pocket.

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